Value Investing

MCG Hong Kong is licensed by Securities and Futures Commission ("SFC") to engage in type 9 "asset management" activity and provides domestic and overseas clients with the asset management service in stock, fund and bond. MCG Hong Kong operates independently. 

The affiliated company MCG Excellence Fund officially starts to operate in May 2018. It is a private securities investment fund based in China with a global perspective (Asset Management Association of China registration number: P1067615). The strategy is based on the concept of value investment, focusing on high-quality companies in A-share market of China. MCG Excellence operates independently. 

The investment strategy of MCG is rooted in the advanced western value investment philosophy, and has systematic investment methods and execution strategies. The affiliated company MCG Excellence Fund uses the MCG DEF+T™ and MCG MMV+C™ models with independent intellectual property rights to explore outstanding listed companies that are undervalued in China. 

The team members are from well-known domestic and overseas investment banks, consulting firms, and asset management companies such as CICC, Goldman Sachs, and BCG. The team members are all graduated from well-known universities and have in-depth experiences in industries such as consumer goods, healthcare, advanced manufacturing, financial services, construction, and energy, etc.