Company Culture


China is still a developing country, with rapid economic development, market reform, and a progressing legal system, which provides an excuse for some enterprises and individuals to violate the law and conduct unethical behaviors. However, MCG Hong Kong employees are well aware that law is the bottom line of enterprise development, and ethics are the enduring social norm. Therefore, complying with regulation is the cornerstone of the sustainable development of an enterprise, and maintaining high ethical standards is an inexhaustible source of long-term trust of a company.


MCG's mission is to create value for its clients – whether it's providing them with the best strategy or creating sustainable high returns for investors. MCG strives to be more professional and visionary, sometimes we are distinctive, but we do not follow the herd since it is not in the long-term interest of our clients. MCG continues motivating the team to step out of the "comfort zone" in a digital and modular way, to create the greatest value for clients, employees, companies and society with innovative concepts and means.


MCG's goal is to provide clients with sustainable, first-class service and return on investment. Therefore, our company positioning is "Committed being premier in China with excellent quality and superior return", which requires us to pay extra efforts than ordinary people, and to have in-depth insights, outstanding professional competency and cross-cycle vision. We are convinced that excellent MCG employees need outstanding educational background, continuous on-the-job training, and hand-by-hand coaching and mentoring by senior MCGers.


A straight line is the shortest distance between two points. We apply this geometry axiom to internal management. We reduce internal levels and unnecessary management processes because we hope that employees have time for self-studying and accompanying their family while being busy providing customers with excellent services. We understand that the cost of hierarchy and communication will increase as the company expands, but we will not compromise  the culture of Efficiency.