Why we are different

We possess both international perspectives and insights on the fundamental nature of China with various licenses across different sectors

MCG Hong Kong is licensed by Securities and Futures Commission ("SFC") to engage in type 9 "asset management" activity and provides domestic and overseas clients with the asset management service in stock, fund and bond.

The affiliated companies MCG Beijing and Shanghai equip various projects with seasoned professionalss and provides targeted and seamless services throughout the projects. Our team members come from top financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs, CICC, and Citigroup. We provide strategic consulting, restructuring, capital raising, merger and acquisition services for state-owned enterprises and leading domestic and foreign companies. The aggregate volume of MCG related companies' and MCG professionals' past transaction experiences exceeds RMB 700 billion, and the IPO projects which MCG professionals in charge of have won "Best IPO in China" award 3 times. In 2017 and 2020, related company MCG Beijing also won "Best M&A Deal Maker in China" award from China M&A Association.

Abundant industry and leading enterprise restructuring practices, outstanding coordination, and excellent execution capability

Our team of MCG Beijing and Shanghai has been long serving leading domestic and foreign enterprises, and listed companies, and is particularly skilled at complex, difficult capital transactions involving different interests concerned by multiple parties. We not only provide world-class professional investment banking services from the perspective of capital market but also provide professional advices from the perspective of state-owned assets supervision; We not only have a broad international perspective but also have profound insights on the fundamental nature of China. With a multi-dimensional industry perspective, open and inclusive corporate culture, and excellent execution capability, we have become a leading and unique investment bank and consulting company in domestic and cross-border markets, especially in manufacturing, energy, financial services, TMT, healthcare industries, etc.